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Various Artists - Go Ahead Punk...Make My Day (RSD 2022) Vinyl Record


Record Store Day 2022

Orange Splatter Vinyl

Track Listing:


A1            Guttermouth - God's Kingdom
                [Teri Yakimoto]
A2            The Vandals - Marry Me 
                [The Quickening]
A3            AFI - He Who Laughs Last 
                [Very Proud Of Ya]
A4            Jughead's Revenge - 
                Tearing Down The World 
                [Image Is Everything]
A5            The Offspring - Hey Joe

B1            The Vandals - Let The Bad Times Roll
                [Live Fast Diarrhea]
B2            Jughead's Revenge - People's Pal 
                [Image Is Everything]
B3            Guttermouth - Derek [Friendly People]
B4            AFI - Wake Up Call [Very Proud Of Ya]
B5            The Offspring - Beheaded 
                [The Offspring]

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