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About us

The  bricks & mortar shop of Swell Sounds Records traces it's origins back to 1994 in Margaret River and was relocated in 2022 to Roleystone in the foothills of Perth.

Our website was opened in 2016 to satisfy consistent customer requests by visitors to our store for access to our extensive catalogue of new vinyl from all over Australia. 

Since it's inception in 1994 Swell Sounds Records has always had an enviable reputation for it's wide range of music which has also carried through to the massive selection of new vinyl that is maintained and constantly growing in the shop which is listed on the Swell Sounds Records website in it's entirety. 

We are receiving new releases and reissues from all the major record labels in Australia and from distributors around the world on a daily basis which means our website is constantly being updated so keep coming back - you never know what gem you might find!