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Sublime - 40oz To Freedom Album Cover

Sublime - 40oz To Freedom Vinyl Record


Track Listing:


A1            Waiting For My Ruca
A2            40 oz. To Freedom
A3            Smoke Two Joints

A4            We're Only Gonna Die For
                Our Arrogance
A5            Don't Push

B1            54-46 That's My Number/Ball And Chain
B2            Badfish
B3            Let's Go Get Stoned
B4            New Thrash
B5            Scarlet Begonias
B6            Live At E's

C1            D.J.S
C2            Chica Me Tipo
C3            Right Back
C4            What Happened
C5            New Song

D1            Ebin
D2            Date Rape
D3            Hope
D4            Krs-One
D5            Rivers Of Babylon 

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