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Paul Kelly - Time Album Cover

Paul Kelly - Time Vinyl Record


Track Listing:


A1            Back To The Future - 
                Previously Unreleased
A2            If I Could Start Today Again - 
                Nothing But A Dream
A3            Time And Tide - Spring And Fall
A4            When I First Met Your Ma - 
                The A-Z Recordings
A5            The Pretty Place - Nothing But A Dream
A6            Love Never Runs On Time - Live At 
                Anita's Theatre, 2022, Previously 

B1            Cities Of Texas - Foggy Highway
B2            For The Ages - Spring And Fall
B3            Before Too Long - Gossip
B4            The Oldest Story In The Book - 
                Ways And Means
B5            Sonnet 60 - Seven Sonnets And A Song

C1            Standing On The Street Of Early 
                Sorrows - The A-Z Recordings
C2            The Trees - Nature
C3            I Wasted Time - Nothing But A Dream
C4            From Little Things Big Things Grow - 
                 Live At The Sidney Myer Music Bowl, 
                 2021, Previously Unreleased

D1            You're 39, You're Beautiful And You're 
                 Mine - Stolen Apples
D2            Same Old Walk - Under The Sun
D3            Going About My Father's Business - 
                 The A-Z Recordings
D4            Winter Coat - Comedy
D5            Little Aches And Pains - Spring And Fall

E1            Sonnet 73 - Seven Sonnets And A Song
E2            Randwick Bells - Gossip
E3            Young Lovers - Ways And Means
E4            Song Of The Old Rake - Foggy Highway
E5            To Be Good Takes A Long Time - 
                Ways And Means
E6            Won't You Come Around? - 
                Ways And Means

F1            Deeper Water - Live At The Sidney 
                Myer Music Bowl, 2021, Previously 
F2            How To Make Gravy - Paul Kelly's 
                Christmas Music
F3            Buffalo Ballet - Comedy
F4            The Magpies - Thirteen Ways To Look 
                At Birds

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