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Paul Kelly - Drinking Album Cover

Paul Kelly - Drinking Vinyl Record


Track Listing:


A1            One More Tune - Previously Unreleased
A2            Stories Of Me - Gossip
A3            Nothing On My Mind - Words And Music
A4            Forty Miles To Saturday Night - 
                Under The Sun

B1            No You - So Much Water So Close 
                To Home
B2            Gonna Be Good - Spring And Fall
B3            Little Decisions - Post
B4            Parting Glass - Death's Dateless Night
B5            King Of Fools - The A To Z Recordings

C1            Crying Shame - Ways And Means
C2            To Her Door - Live at VIVID, 2022 
                 Previously Unreleased
C3            Sweet Guy - The Merri Soul Sessions
C4            Tease Me - Words And Music

D1            Blue Stranger - Comedy
D2            Don't Stand So Close To The Window - 
                 Foggy Highway
D3            I Don't Remember A Thing - Smoke
D4            Seagulls Of Seattle - Nature
D5            Every F***ing City - Songs From The 

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