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Nahko - My Name Is Bear Album Cover

Nahko - My Name Is Bear Vinyl Record


Track Listing:


A1            Dragonfly
A2            The Vow (Interlude)
A3            Be Here Now

A4            Goodnight, Sun

B1            Too Much Kerouac (Interlude)
B2            Kirby, Joe
B3            Susanna
B4            Bearly Thoughts (Interlude)
B5            Sing Him Of My Revelations

C1            Hamakua (ft. Jeanna Love)
C2            Call Him By His Name
C3            Early February

D1            Stoned On A Stone (Interlude)
D2            Creation's Daughter
D3            Alice
D4            Die Like Dinoz (ft. Sandrayati Fay)

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