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Frenzal Rhomb - Forever Malcolm Young Album Cover

Frenzal Rhomb - Forever Malcolm Young Vinyl Record


Track Listing:

A1            Forever Malcolm Young
A2            Graham "Abo" Henry
A3            Johnny Ramone Was In A F**ken Good 
                Band But He Was A C**t 
                (Gabba Gabba You Suck)
A4            Red Wine And Altar Boys
A5            Brian's Problems
A6            When Will I See You At The ICU
A7            Please Go Over There
A8            F**k You And Your Stupid Band
A9            Cruelty To Animals
A10          Don't Touch The Rabbit

B1            Medicine Balls
B2            Predickle Me This
B3            Goon Wolf
B4            I'm A Backwards F**ken Useless Piece 
                Of Dogs**t...And I Vote
B5            You Need A Friend
B6            Holiday Not Vacation
B7            Don't Shoot The Guests
B8            Caps Lock
B9            Find Your Own Way Home
B10          Wha' Happened?

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