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Evanescence - Fallen (20th Anniversary Edition) Album Cover

Evanescence - Fallen (20th Anniversary Edition) Vinyl Record


20th Anniversary Edition

Track Listing:


A1            Going Under
A2            Bring Me To Life
A3            Everybody's Fool
A4            My Immortal
A5            Haunted
A6            Tourniquet

B1            Imaginary
B2            Taking Over Me
B3            Hello
B4            My Last Breath
B5            Whisper

C1            My Immortal (Band Version)
C2            Breathe No More
C3            Farther Away
C4            Missing
C5            My Immortal (Strings Version)

D1            Bring Me To Life (Demo)
D2            Bring Me To Life 
                (AOL Session - April 15, 2003)
D3            Going Under (Live Acoustic - 2003)
D4            Bring Me To Life (Live on Triple M's 
                 Garage Session, Australia - June, 2020)
D5            My Immortal (Live at O2 Arena, 
                 London - November 14, 2022)

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