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Various Artists - Echo In The Canyon Album Cover

Various Artists - Echo In The Canyon Vinyl Record


Track Listing:


A1            Go Where You Wanna Go
                (feat. Jade Castrinos)
A2            The Bells Of Rhymney
                (feat. Beck)
A3            You Showed Me
                (feat. Cat Power)

A4            She (feat. Josh Homme)
A5            In My Room (feat. Fiona Apple)
A6            Goin' Back (feat. Beck)
A7            Never My Love (feat. Norah Jones)

B1            It Won't Be Wrong (feat. Fiona Apple)
B2            No Matter What You Do
                (feat. Regina Spektor)
B3            Questions 
                (feat. Eric Clapton & Stephen Stills)
B4            I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
                (feat. Neil Young)
B5            Expecting To Fly (feat. Regina Spektor)
B6            What's Happening (feat. Neil Young)

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