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Various Artists - Closed Circuits Album Cover

Various Artists - Closed Circuits Vinyl Record


Track Listing:


A1            The Metronomes - A Circuit Like Me
A2            The Reels - Shout And Deliver
A3            Whirlywirld - Window To The World

A4            The Limp - Outer Space Moth
A5            Karen Marks - Cold Café
A6            And An A - Affirmation

B1            Anne Cessna and Essendon Airport - 
                Talking To Cleopatra
B2            German Humour - A Young Man's Old
B3            Models - On (Original 7" Mix)
B4            Voigt/465 - Imprint
B5            Ya Ya Choral - Waiting Time
B6            Distant Locust - I Feel Love

C1            Jules - Rock Rock Daddy
C2            Bring Phillip - Fire Truck
C3            Stinky Fire Engine - Fantastic/
                 Ice Cream City
C4            W.H.Y. - Sensible Shoes
C5            Machinations - Average Inadequacy
                (Original Version)
C6            Informatics - Great X-1

D1            Asphixiation - L'Acrostique D'Amour
D2            The Dugites - Waiting
D3            Show Scene From Psycho - Cara-Lyn
D4            Scribble - Silly Girl
D5            Scattered Order - A Few Little Shocks
D6            Primitive Calculators - Pumping Ugly 
                 Muscle (1987 Sydney Disco Mix)

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