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The Wombats - This Modern Glitch (10th Anniversary Edition) Vinyl Record


Limited Edition

Bonus 12" Vinyl with 12 B-Sides

Blue & Gold Vinyl

Track Listing:


A1            Our Perfect Disease
A2            Tokyo (Vampires And Wolves)
A3            Jump Into The Fog

A4            Anti-D
A5            Last Night I Dreamt...

B1            Techno Fan
B2            1996
B3            Walking Disasters
B4            Girls/Fast Cars
B5            Schumacher The Champagne

C1            Addicted To The Cure
C2            Valentine
C3            How I Miss Sally Bray
C4            I'm A Robot Like You
C5            Wonderful Distraction
C6            Dear Hamburg

D1            Shock Goodbyes And P45's
D2            Avalanche
D3            Trampolining
D4            IOU's
D5            Guillotine
D6            Reynold's Park

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