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The Moody Blues - Collected Album Cover

The Moody Blues - Collected Vinyl Record

180 Gram Heavyweight Vinyl

Track Listing:


A1            Go Now
A2            Boulevard De La Madeleine
A3            Nights In White Satin

A4            Tuesday Afternoon
                (Forever Afternoon)
A5            Voices In The Sky
A6            Dr. Livingstone, I Presume
A7            Ride My See-Saw

B1            Legend Of A Mind
B2            Never Comes The Day
B3            Dear Diary
B4            Gypsy
                (Of A Strange And Distant Time)
B5            Watching And Waiting
B6            I Never Thought I'd Live To Be A

C1            Candle Of Life
C2            Melancholy Man
C3            Question
C4            The Story In Your Eyes
C5            Isn't Life Strange

D1            I'm Just A Singer
                (In A Rock And Roll Band)
D2            Emily's Song
D3            King And Queen
D4            Had To Fall In Love
D5            Driftwood
D6            The Voice

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