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The Doors - Live At The Bowl '68 Album Cover

The Doors - Live At The Bowl '68 Vinyl Record


180 Gram Heavyweight Vinyl

Track Listing:


A1            Show Start/Intro
A2            When The Music's Over
A3            Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)

A4            Back Door Man
A5            Five To One
A6            Back Door Man (Reprise)

B1            The Wasp
                (Texas Radio And The Big Beat)
B2            Hello, I Love You
B3            Moonlight Drive
B4            Horse Latitudes
B5            A Little Game
B6            The Hill Dwellers
B7            Spanish Caravan

C1            Hey, What Would You Guys Like To
C2            Wake Up!
C3            Light My Fire
C4            Light My Fire (Segue)
C5            The Unknown Soldier

D1            The End (Segue)
D2            The End

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