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The Cars - Heartbeat City Album Cover

The Cars - Heartbeat City Vinyl Record


180 Gram Heavyweight Vinyl

Track Listing:


LP 1: Original Album Remastered

A1            Hello Again
A2            Looking For Love
A3            Magic

A4            Drive
A5            Stranger Eyes

B1            You Might Think
B2            It's Not The Night
B3            Why Can't I Have You
B4            I Refuse
B5            Heartbeat City

LP 2: Bonus Tracks

C1            Hello Again (Remix Version)
C2            Drive (Demo)
C3            One More Time (Early Version
                 of "Why Can't I Have You")

D1            Baby I Refuse 
                (Early Version of "I Refuse")
D2            Jacki (Early Version of "Heartbeat City")
D3            Breakaway 
                (B-Side of "Why Can't I Have You")
D4            Tonight She Comes

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