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The Avalanches - Wildflower Album Cover

The Avalanches - Wildflower Vinyl Record


Track Listing:


A1            The Leaves Were Falling
A2            Because I'm Me
A3            Frankie Sinatra

A4            Subways
A5            Going Home
A6            If I Was A Folkstar

B1            Colours
B2            Zap!
B3            The Noisy Eater
B4            Wildflower
B5            Harmony
B6            Live A Lifetime Love

C1            Park Music
C2            Livin' Underwater (Is Somethin' Wild)
C3            The Wozard Of Iz
C4            Over The Turnstiles
C5            Sunshine

D1            Light Up
D2            Kaleidoscopic Lovers
D3            Stepkids.
D4            Saturday Night Inside Out

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