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The Angels - Their Finest Hour - And Then Some Vinyl Record


Limited Edition

Red Vinyl

Track Listing:


A1            Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face 
A2            Comin' Down
A3            I Ain't The One
A4            After The Rain
A5            Love Takes Care
A6            Straightjacket

B1            Take A Long Line
B2            Be With You
B3            Marseilles
B4            Shadow Boxer
B5            No Exit

C1            Waiting For The World
C2            Can't Shake It
C3            Out Of The Blue
C4            Mr. Damage
Bonus - Live At La Trobe
C5            Marseilles (Live)

D1            No Exit (Live)
D2            Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face 
                 Again (Live)
D3            After The Rain (Live)
D4            Shadow Boxer (Live)
D5            I Ain't The One (Live)
D6            Take A Long Line (Live)

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