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Sublime - Nugs: The Best Of The Box Album Cover

Sublime - Nugs: The Best Of The Box (RSD 2019) Vinyl Record


Record Store Day 2019

Yellow & Red Starburst Vinyl

Track Listing:


A1            Foolish Fool
A2            Ebennz Change (Demo)
A3            Get Out! (Acoustic Version)

A4            Angelo (4-Track)
A5            Lou Makes Friends
A6            Youth Are Getting Restless (Live)
A7            We're Only Gonna Die (Live)
A8            Great Stone

B1            Prophet
B2            Miami
B3            Caress Me Dub
B4            89 Vision
B5            I Love My Dog Dub
B6            New Realization (Acoustic Version)
B7            Real Situation
B8            Doin' Time (Snoop Time Remix)

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