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Sticky Fingers - Land Of Pleasure Album Cover

Sticky Fingers - Land Of Pleasure Vinyl Record


Includes "Caress Your Soul" Album

LP 1: Land Of Pleasure

A1            Land Of Pleasure
A2            Feast Your Eyes
A3            Just For You

A4            Rum Rage
A5            Gold Snafu
A6            Liquorlip Loaded Gun

B1            Fake A Smile
B2            Show No Shade
B3            If You Go
B4            Velvet Skies
B5            Dreamland
B6            Lazerhead

LP 2: Caress Your Soul

C1            How To Fly
C2            Clouds & Cream
C3            Australia Street
C4            These Girls
C5            Sex
C6            Bootleg Rascal

D1            Caress Your Soul
D2            Laika
D3            Freddy Crabs
D4            Kiss The Breeze
D5            Let It All Out

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