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Soundtrack - Jesus Christ Superstar Vinyl Record


180 Gram Heavyweight Vinyl

Original 1970 Recording

Half-Speed Mastered At Abbey Road

Track Listing:


A1            Overture
A2            Heaven On Their Minds
A3            What's The Buzz/
                Strange Thing Mystifying

A4            Everything's Alright
A5            This Jesus Must Die

B1            Hosanna
B2            Simon Zealotes/Poor Jerusalem
B3            Pilate's Dream
B4            The Temple
B5            Everything's Alright
B6            I Don't Know How To Love Him
B7            Damned For All Time/Blood Money

C1            The Last Supper
C2            Gethsemane (I Only Want To Say)
C3            The Arrest
C4            Peter's Denial
C5            Pilate And Christ
C6            King Herod's Song

D1            Judas's Death
D2            Trial Before Pilate
D3            Superstar
D4            Crucifixion
D5            John Nineteen: Forty-One

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