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Soundtrack - Flag Day Album Cover

Soundtrack - Flag Day Vinyl Record


Track Listing:


A1            My Fathers Daughter - Olivia Vedder
A2            Flag Day - 
                 Eddie Vedder & Glen Hansard
A3            I Think Of Angels - Cat Power

A4            Tender Mercies - 
                 Glen Hansard & Eddie Vedder
A5            Rather Be Home - 
                 Eddie Vedder & Glen Hansard
A6            I Am A Map - Cat Power

B1            As You Did Before - Glen Hansard
B2            There's A Girl - Olivia Vedder, 
                Eddie Vedder & Glen Hansard
B3            I'll Be Waiting - 
                Eddie Vedder & Glen Hansard
B4            I Will Follow - Cat Power
B5            Wave - Glen Hansard & Eddie Vedder
B6            Drive - Eddie Vedder
B7            Dream - Cat Power

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