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Sarah Blasko - As Day Follows Night Vinyl Record


10th Anniversary Edition

Gold Vinyl

Track Listing:


LP 1: As Day Follows Night

A1            Down On Love
A2            All I Want
A3            Bird On A Wire
A4            Hold On My Heart
A5            We Won't Run
A6            Is My Baby Yours?

B1            Sleeper Awake
B2            No Turning Back
B3            Lost & Defeated
B4            Over & Over
B5            I Never Knew
B6            Night & Day

LP 2: Cinema Blasko

C1            Xanadu (Xanadu)
C2            Seems Like Old Times (Annie Hall)
C3            Maybe This Time (Cabaret)
C4            If I Only Had A Brain 
                (The Wizard Of Oz)

D1            Something Good (The Sound Of Music)
D2            Out Here On My Own (Fame)
D3            Magic (Xanadu)

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