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Prince - The Gold Experience (RSD 2022) Vinyl Record


Record Store Day 2022

Gold Vinyl

Track Listing:


A1            P Control
A2            NRG Operator #1
A3            Endorphinmachine
A4            Shhh
A5            We March

B1            NRG Operator #2
B2            The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
B3            Dolphin
B4            NRG Operator #3
B5            Now
B6            NRG Operator #4
B7            319

C1            NRG Operator #5
C2            Shy
C3            Billy Jack B**ch
C4            Eye Hate U
C5            NRG Operator #6
C6            Gold

Eye Hate U (The Remixes)

D1            Eye Hate U (Extended Remix)
D2            Eye Hate U (Album Version)
D3            Eye Hate U (Quiet Night Mix)
D4            Eye Hate U 
                (Single Version With Guitar Solo)
D5            Eye Hate U 
                (Single Version Without Guitar Solo)

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