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Paul Kelly - Rivers And Rain Album Cover

Paul Kelly - Rivers And Rain Vinyl Record


Track Listing:


A1            Northern Rivers - Previously Unreleased
A2            Letter In The Rain - Life Is Fine
A3            The River Song - Nature
A4            When A Woman Loves A Man - 
                 Spring And Fall
A5            Petrichor - Life Is Fine
A6            Pretty Bird Tree - Death's Dateless Night

B1            Morning Storm - Nature
B2            Smells Like Rain - 
                The Merri Soul Sessions
B3            Summer Rain - Wanted Man
B4            Pastures Of Plenty - Hidden Things
B5            Everything's Turning To White - 
                The A-Z Recordings

C1            Midnight Rain - Nothing But A Dream
C2            Life Is Fine - Life Is Fine
C3            Pretty Place - The A-Z Recordings
C4            Love Never Runs On Time - 
                The A-Z Recordings
C5            I Close My Eyes And Think Of You - 
                Nothing But A Dream

D1            Hasn't It Rained - The Merri Soul 
D2            Smoke Under The Bridge - 
                 Nothing But A Dream
D3            Gathering Storm - Smoke
D4            Moon River (Live with Neil Finn) - 
                 Goin' My Way
D5            Maralinga (Rainy Land) - 
                 The A-Z Recordings

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