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Paul Kelly - Live, May 1992 Album Cover

Paul Kelly - Live, May 1992 Vinyl Record


Track Listing:


A1            Foggy Highway
A2            To Her Door
A3            Wintercoat

A4            Taught By Experts
A5            From Little Things Big Things Grow

B1            I Can't Believe We Were Married
B2            Until Death Do Them Part
B3            Same Old Walk
B4            Don't Explain
B5            Stupid Song
B6            Brand New Ways

C1            Stories Of Me
C2            Everything's Turning To White
C3            Dumb Things
C4            Just Like Animals
C5            Keep It To Yourself

D1            I Won't Be Your Dog Anymore
D2            I Was Hoping You'd Say That
D3            Careless
D4            Invisible Me
D5            When I First Met Your Ma
D6            Most Wanted Man

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