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Gord Downie - Introduce Yerself Album Cover

Gord Downie - Introduce Yerself Vinyl Record


Track Listing:


A1            First Person
A2            Wolf's Home
A3            Bedtime

A4            Introduce Yerself
A5            Coco Chanel (#5)
A6            Ricky Please

B1            Safe Is Dead
B2            Spoon
B3            A Natural
B4            Faith-Faith
B5            My First Girlfriend
B6            Yer Ashore

C1            Love Over Money
C2            You, Me, And The BS
C3            Snowflakes
C4            A Better End
C5            Nancy
C6            Thinking About Us

D1            The Road
D2            You Are The Bird
D3            The Lake
D4            Far Away And Blurred
D5            The North

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