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Dusty Springfield - See All Her Faces (RSD 2022) Vinyl Record


Record Store Day 2022

50th Anniversary

Includes Photos and Archive Material

Heavyweight Black Vinyl

Track Listing:


LP 1: Original Album

A1            Mixed Up Girl
A2            Crumbs Off The Table
A3            Let Me Down Easy

A4            Come For A Dream
A5            Girls Can't Do What The Guys Do
A6            I Start Counting
A7            Yesterday When I Was Young

B1            Girls It Ain't Easy
B2            What Good Is I Love You?
B3            Willie & Laura Mae Jones
B4            Someone Who Cares
B5            Nothing Is Forever
B6            See All Her Faces
B7            That Old Sweet Roll (Hi-De-Ho)

LP 2: Bonus Tracks

C1            Haunted
C2            Have A Good Life Baby
C3            What Are You Doing The Rest 
                 Of Your Life?
C4            Go My Love
C5            A Song For You

D1            Wasn't Born To Follow
D2            Sweet Inspiration
D3            O-o-h Child
D4            Goodbye

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