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Chicks - The Essential Album Cover

Chicks - The Essential Chicks Vinyl Record


Track Listing:


A1            Not Ready To Make Nice
A2            The Long Way Around
A3            Easy Silence

A4            Lullaby
A5            Long Time Gone

B1            Travelin' Soldier
B2            Landslide
B3            Top Of The World
B4            Ready To Run

C1            Cowboy Take Me Away
C2            Goodbye Earl
C3            Some Days You Gotta Dance
C4            Sin Wagon
C5            Without You
C6            Let Him Fly

D1            Daddy Lessons 
                (Beyoncé ft. The Chicks)
D2            Truth No. 2
D3            Wide Open Spaces
D4            You Were Mine
D5            Tonight The Heartache's On Me

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