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Billy Joel - The Vinyl Collection Vol. 2 Vinyl Record


Track Listing:


Glass Houses

A1            You May Be Right
A2            Sometimes A Fantasy
A3            Don't Ask Me Why
A4            It's Still Rock And Roll To Me
A5            All For Leyna

B1            I Don't Want To Be Alone
B2            Sleeping With The Television On
B3            C'etait Toi (You Were The One)
B4            Close To The Borderline
B5            Through The Long Night

The Nylon Curtain

C1            Allentown
C2            Laura
C3            Pressure
C4            Goodnight Saigon

D1            She's Right On Time
D2            A Room Of Our Own
D3            Surprises
D4            Scandinavian Skies
D5            Where's The Orchestra?

An Innocent Man

E1            Easy Money
E2            An Innocent Man
E3            The Longest Time
E4            This Night
E5            Tell Her About It

F1            Uptown Girl
F2            Careless Talk
F3            Christie Lee
F4            Leave A Tender Moment Alone
F5            Keeping The Faith

The Bridge

G1            Running On Ice
G2            This Is The Time
G3            A Matter Of Trust
G4            Modern Woman
G5            Baby Grand (ft. Ray Charles)

H1            Big Man On Mulberry Street
H2            Temptation
H3            Code Of Silence
H4            Getting Closer

Storm Front

I1              That's Not Her Style
I2              We Didn't Start The Fire
I3              The Downeaster 'Alexa'
I4               I Go To Extremes
I5              Shameless

J1              Storm Front
J2              Leningrad
J3              State Of Grace
J4              When In Rome
J5              And So It Goes

River Of Dreams

K1            No Man's Land
K2            The Great Wall Of China
K3            Blonde Over Blue
K4            A Minor Variation
K5            Shades Of Grey

L1            All About Soul
L2            Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)
L3            The River Of Dreams
L4            Two Thousand Years
L5            Famous Last Words

Fantasies & Delusions

M1            Reverie ('Villa D'este')
M2            Waltz #1 ('Nunley's Carousel')

N1            Aria ('Grand Canal')
N2            Invention In C Minor
N3            Soliloquy ('On A Separation')

O1            Suite For Piano ('Star-Crossed'): 
                 I. Innamorato
O2            Suite For Piano ('Star-Crossed'): 
                 II. Sorbetto
O3            Suite For Piano ('Star-Crossed'): 
                 III. Delusion

P1            Opus 5. Waltz #2 ('Steinway Hall')
P2            Opus 9. Waltz #3 ('For Lola')
P3            Opus 4. Fantasy ('Film Noir')
P4            Opus 10. Air ('Dublinesque')

Live From Long Island

Q1            Allentown
Q2            My Life
Q3            Prelude / Angry Young Man

R1            Piano Man
R2            Don't Ask Me Why
R3            The Stranger

S1            Scandinavian Skies
S2            Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)
S3            She's Always A Woman
S4            Pressure

T1            Scenes From An Italian Restaurant
T2            Just The Way You Are
T3            Goodnight Saigon

U1            Stilleto
U2            (Band Intro)
U3            Until The Night
U4            It's Still Rock 'N' Roll To Me
U5            Sometimes A Fantasy

V1            Big Shot
V2            You May Be Right
V3            Only The Good Die Young
V4            Souvenir

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